Wicked Smart Car

Who said all Smart Cars were slow?  Bill Berg at Rocketbilly Racing likes to strap jet engines to vehicles to see how fast they’ll go.  That’s exactly what he did with this 2008 Smart Car.

By default, the Smart Car comes with a one liter 3 cylinder engine that produces all of about 60 horsepower.  It gets an average of about 36mpg which is super efficient, but not very fast.  It has a top speed of around 90mph and it takes over 15 seconds to reach 60mph!  Not this Smart Car though!

They took a T58-GE03 gas turbine engine from a helicopter and installed it in the Smart Car.  This engine produces over 2,000HP!  This little jet powered car can go from 0-170mph in about 9 seconds and has a new top speed of 220mph!  Needless to say, fuel economy has been thrown out the window and burnt to a crisp.  It burns through about 15 gallons of jet fuel in less than 5 minutes.

What car would you like to see fitted with a jet engine?  Let us know in the comment section below. Need some extra cash for some jet fuel?  How does $1,000 sound?  Follow this link to enter to win.  Get your entries here! https://idrivefast.com/sweepstakes/

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