Throwback Thursday – Chevy SSR

The year was 2003.  Chevy decided to unveil a truck that would offer a unique experience.  The Chevrolet SSR or “Super Sport Roadster” was certainly one of a kind, almost reminiscent of the El Camino.

This 2-seat sports truck came equipped with a 6 liter V8 engine that produced upwards of 400 horsepower.  With a curb weight of 4,700lbs, it would get you from 0-60mph in about 7 seconds.  It also had a 2,500lb towing capacity.

The retractable power roof was a nice touch.  The gas mileage left something to be desired though.  It would get about 15mpg in the city and only 19mpg highway.  When it was released, it cost just under $45k.  Nowadays you can pick one up for roughly $25k (depending on mileage and condition of course).  It’s no surprise that Chevy manufactured less that 25,000 SSRs during their 3 year production (2003-2006).

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