This Buick is a Beast!

The Buick Riviera first debuted back in 1963 as a personal luxury car to compete with the Ford Thunderbird.  The name Riviera is Latin for “coastline” and was chosen to “evoke the allure and affluence of the French Riviera.”

This 1968 Buick Riviera (2nd Gen) has been customized as a pro touring vehicle.  The original 455 cu in 7.5L Buick V8 has been modified to produce a whopping 788HP!!!  The body has been mostly replaced with carbon fiber and a widebody kit has been installed in order to fit 355/30/19 Kuhmo ACR tires all the way around.  Dodge Viper tires on a Buick!  The suspension had to be rebuilt in order to accompany those massive tires as well.

In addition to the carbon fiber panels, some internal components like the radio and AC system were removed to shave off even more weight.  Altogether the car sits right around 3,400lbs.  They also replaced the original headlights with offroad LEDs.

What classic car would you like to rebuild?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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