These Rally Recoveries Are Bananas!

It is time to start taking up rally racing along with autocross and the occasional quarter mile run. This is the kind of insanity that we all need in our gasoline filled veins! What is the worst that could happen?! Haha! We are willing to take the chance of a few rolls and bumps and bruises, for all the calamity that would ensue. This video begins extremely interesting right off! The car gets bounced into an endo and rolls over, turns around and checks to make sure they are okay, then takes off. Pretty sure they are so disoriented and they don’t know they are going the wrong way! Haha. Then it gets better! The black car cuts off the red car, then does a 360 and drifts back on course. The rest of the video does not disappoint either! A plethora of gnarly wrecks, recoveries and George of The Jungle! Watch out for that TREE!!! Enjoy!

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