Suzuki began producing the Hayabusa back in 1999.  It quickly became know as the fastest production bike with a top speed of 194mph!  Will (or Speedy Samedi) decided to push the envelope even further.

Will decided to tune the Hayabusa because it’s the most aerodynamic bike around.  This 2012 ‘Busa will reach speeds of up to 240mph!  He’s gotten it up to 186mph in 1/4 mile.  His goal is to hit 200mph within a 1/4 mile.  He’s done some pretty wacky mods to reduce weight and increase performance.

For starters, he’s kept the stock seat, but removed the cushion itself.  He says this provides a lower seating position so that he can tuck himself beneath the windscreen better.  He also REMOVED the rear brakes!  The bike only has front brakes!  He replaced the stock wheel with a Yamaha R1 (again, for weight reduction.)  He also has an Adam’s Swing Arm so that he can adjust the bike for street or the strip.  Oh and he’s also added a bottle of nitrous to the mix.

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