Nissan GT-R/C

Dr. James Brighton and the team at JLB Design LTD took a Nissan GT-R and made it remote controlled!  Playstation sponsored the project and the result was awesome!

The GT-R is stock, aside from the extra gadgets and gizmos that make it R/C.  There are computers in the trunk as well as a compressor to control the pneumatic and electronic actuators that drive the vehicle.  The driver inputs the controls with a Playstation Dual Shock 4 controller.  The commands are then broadcast to the vehicle where the computer takes over and relays the input to the appropriate actuators inside the car.  The range of the broadcast can be up to 1km, but obviously you have to maintain line-of-sight with the vehicle at all times.

For this particular test run, they followed the vehicle from above in a helicopter.  Jann Mardenborough managed to get the GT-R/C up to 121mph at the Silverstone Circuit in England.  Turns out his Gran Turismo skills carried over to the track!

Do you think this tech could evolve into a new form of racing?  Let us know in the comments below.  Want to convert your vehicle into an R/C car?  $1,000 might help with that!  Follow this link to enter to win!  https://idrivefast.com/sweepstakes-giveaways/

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