Japan’s Underground Car Scene

Japan is home to some of the most unique cars on the planet.  In this video, Mad Mike explores the underground car scene in Tokyo, Japan.

First he visits Wataru Kato, or Kato San.  He’s passionate about modifying classic cars and he’s been doing it for the past 50 years.  He’s one of the better known trend setters in Japan.  It was never his intention to start new trends, he just wanted to build something unique for himself.

Japan has it all!  From custom lowriders to Bosozoku style K trucks.  They also have custom Lamborghinis that have been outfitted with straightpipes, flamethrower exhaust and LEDs galore!  Not to mention the Dekotora trucks! The vehicles of Japan truly are one of a kind.  The drivers are passionate about how they express themselves through their cars.

What are your thoughts on these crazy custom cars?  Let us know in the comment section below. Want to install hundreds of LEDs on your vehicle?  $1,000 would certainly get you started!  Follow this link to enter to win.  Get your entries here! https://idrivefast.com/sweepstakes/

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