Airless Tires? Tweel see…

Few things can compare to the feeling you get when you walk out to your car only to find that one of the tires is flat.  If you’re fortunate enough to own a spare, you have to swap it out and make your way to the nearest tire shop.  Many newer vehicles come equipped with a can of fix-a-flat and an air compressor instead of a spare tire.

Michelin has been working on the “UPTIS” or Unique Puncture-proof Tire System for many years now.  It’s incorporated these “Tweels” in golf carts and ATVs as well as lawn mowers in the past.  A few days ago, GM decided to get onboard with this new tire tech.

These new tweels are puncture-proof and blowout proof as they are not inflated with air.  Instead, they use high strength poly-resin spokes that support the weight of the vehicle in place of pneumatic setups.  They are expected to last 2-3 times longer than traditional tires. GM and Michelin hope to incorporate this new technology by 2024.

What are your thoughts on these new tires?  Let us know in the comment section below! Saving up for a new set of wheels?  $1,000 might help with that!  Follow this link to enter to win! https://idrivefast.com/sweepstakes/

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