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Our Mission

To gather a community of passionate automotive enthusiast that can share their knowledge with others.

To get together on the street, and on track, for iDriveFast club meets and Track events.

Use our cumulative community power to GIVE YOU COOL STUFF! Electronics, automobile swag, and even car giveaways are in the works! The more members that join, the more we up the ante!

Thomas Then

As an automotive enthusiast with 100’s of hours spent on the race track, Thomas is beyond excited to be building this passion-fueled business with his childhood friend Lucas. Over the past decade he has been an entrepreneur in the automotive, fitness, and nutritional sectors, working to make a positive impact in thousands of people’s lives.

Thomas’s goal with iDriveFast is to bring automotive enthusiasts, and those who just like to go fast, all together to create a fun and supportive community that anyone can be a part of. Thomas and Lucas are on a mission to turn a lifelong hobby into a business, that not only feeds their need for speed, but creates a community of like-minded individuals who like to have fun together.

Lucas Wyman

Lucas is a proud husband/father of four, he is also a Veteran and served 8 years in the Marine Corps. During his term in the military he created iRepairFast, an electronics repair and YouTube production company. After three brick and mortar stores and plans to franchise, he also created Aerial Photography Jacksonville. Utilizing drones, the company offers commercial services, as well as, cinematic video production.

Now, partnering with his long time friend Thomas. They have created a new exciting and adrenaline packed company, iDRIVEFAST!

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